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a tribute. >>> still ahead on abc7 at 6:00. how protesters in the bay area believe the u.s. can stop the violence in egypt as another three dozen are killed in clashes. >>> a look at the massive effort began this weekend to recall a mayor accused of harassing a dozen women. >> what everyday item is causing a third of americans americans e nearsighted? >> carolyn: an unusual sighting it to. a mountain lion was season in san mateo county this morning. it was just before 3:00 a.m. when county officials received the sport -- report of the sighting. residents are being advised do not approach a mountain lion. >> now to the unrest in egypt. 36 people died when muslim brother ahold detainees tried to escape from a prison truck convoy in cairo. the convoy was carrying detainees rounded up during recent street violence between security forces and supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi. morsi belongs to the muslim brotherhood. egypt's interim government is considering a ban on the group. the death toll in egypt now stands around 900. and back here in the bay area, local egyptians are de
overbudget and 10 years late? >> i used to call it the poltergist bridge. it had thattorra. that -- that ora. >> we will go,and find out what went wrong for the process and learn from our mistakes. >> reporter: recently it was the onagain, off again opening and the broken bolts that is after the back and forth about the material and the design. >> reporter: the metro politan transportation commission took over from cal trans in 2005. >> what is old construction you can have it fast or cheap but not both ways. >> reporter: in this case we got neither. >> the bay bridge was a test. in some cases we failed that test. >> and there are more tests in the works for the governmental aeupblss, high speed rail, tens of billions dollars over budget. boaring tunnels to bring water to southern california. >> the big institutions of the state. there are a lot of great people working there. they are not responsive to the project. we need to change that. >> what we saw was the real thing live. we did not hide very much we let people in on our decisions. they are all in agreement that the new span of the
in the days ahead abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> carolyn: thanks for joining us. i'm in tonight for ama daetz. a man connected to a missing woman case is opening up about their relationship. he is talking from jail. sandra coke's family reported her missing august 4th. here's what the map authorities call a peon of interest has to say. >> from behind the lls of the jail, the man who remains a person of interest in the disappearanc and death of criminal defense investigator sandra coke, spoke exclusively with the bay yearews group. randy alana is in jail for parole violations, including not charging his gps, risting arrest and having contact with sandra coke. friday his parole was revoked. alan na has a long criminal past, stay-away order to keep him from seeing coke but heaid the two were in a loving relationship, and, quote, we won'tly talk aut getting married. coke's family denies the twodad any involvement since dating years ago. why would be or anyone else believe what he has to say? but alap na claims when he was not in jail, he was living with coke. sharing her north oakland home.
, and the threat of thunderstorms. yeah, definitely. checking out the humidity. most of us from 68% at fairfield to 100% half moon bay. that's why we don't have the high fire danger now. it's too humid. we don't have thunderstorms. and even if we did, look at the winds. they're calm to about 8 miles per hour. so anything that did develop would not get out of hand. bay shore, the coast, those are the areas not in where you see the red, not in this high fire danger. now, this is now all the way through 3:00 wednesday morning. ama? >> all right, thank you so much, eric. >> all right. >>> happening now, temperatures are rising, and as mike mentioned, so is the fire danger, most of the bay area. he told you about the red flag warning. we're all being asked to be cautious. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live with more on this. amy? >> reporter: eric, they're gearing up for fire season at the cal fire stations like this one because of the dry conditions. but, also, because of the threat of dry lightning. they've even brought in firefighters from other parts of the state. they have noticed the dr
for the yankees slugger. his attorney joins us exclusively today, monday, august 19th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >>> good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie along side natalie morales and mike bettis is in for al this morning. this is our temporary home. how does it feel? >> i like it. i think it's great. i like it into august and maybe september. not sure i'd like it in february but i like it right now. >> i hope it doesn't rain. >> we brought an umbrella. >> we'll show you what's happening inside studio 1-a, it is a bit of a construction site today. >> they cleared the set out over the weekend. they work a lot faster than most contractors obviously and hopefully we'll have this done, as we mentioned, sometime in early september. we'll get back in there but right now it's fan appreciation week on the plaza. >> that's right. we have a lot of news about fan appreciation week. but in the meantime we have a lot of news to get to and we'll s
seconds. >> we know what they're doing. we're happy they're doing it for us. they're the guys that are going to fight this thing and get us hopefully back to normal. >> crews battle fires throughout the west. >> idaho seems to be getting the worst of it. right now, the fire east of boise has burned more than 100,000 acres and has forced thousands from their homes. >> hosni mubarak could be released from prison.cleared him of his corruption case. >> you're going to have an armed insurgency, not protesters on your hands. we're going to have to suspend the aid. >> he remains free on bail charged with the premeditated murder of his girlfriend. >> bob filner is expected to return to work today, just as a recall effort gets under way to try to remove him from office. >> as long as the people of san diego and the council want it, he will be removed. it's futile to hold on. >> southwest is bracing for floods from the gulf to the carolinas. threatening to bring even more heavy rain -- >> covering a nearby city with a thick layer of ash. people there are using m
this. what those who live there-- want us to know abo the real oakland. an unbelievable sight. a truck-- slams into the hoe of a 79-year old woman. the strong messa >>> they want us to know it does not always look like this. what they want us to know about the real oakland. >> an unbelievable sight. a truck slams into the house of a 79-year-old woman. the strong message for the driver that ran away. >>> the end of an era for another bay area attraction. the end of the road for the malibu grand prix is hours away. >>> it is scenes like this that dominates pictures from oakland. people shooting each other, making it seem like it is all out war on the streets. yes, there have been three shootings in oakland this weekend that left three dead and several others injured. a common complaint is nobody cares. this is what happens in oakland. but in this shooting on telegraph avenue yesterday it was everyday people who came to the victim's rescue. that is the oakland that people who live and work there want us to know about. juliet has more on that, an exclusive extra view with one of t
strong gusty winds to go along with that too. sue kwon tells us fire crews are on the fire lines around northern california. >> reporter: i'm sue kwon near the oakland hills. there are ten fires burning across california. 5,000 firefighters. san bernardino, humbolt and fresno. sending crews to help battle those fires around the state. burning residential burns in certain counties. helicopters and dozers ready in the south and east bay areas. red flag warnings are in affect in the mountain regions, foothills and along the coast. >> california is at risk for this combination of dry lightning and gusty winds. that with the already dry conditions is going to elevate the fire danger extremely high. >> reporter: with the red flag warning comes restrictions. no bbqs in the park areas. could be road closures. in addition to that, firefighters are asking residents not to use equipment that could spark fire. because of the possibility of thunderstorms, hot weather possible, wind and very dry conditions around the bay area. i'm sue kwon near tunnel road. >> that fire southeast has consumed about 2
's cheryl johnings brings us inspiring stories of children attending camp arroya. and learn how the taylor family foundation is helping change their lives. >>> there is a mixed bag with the weather in the bay area. here's our meteorologist leigh glaser with all the details. >> leigh: we'll try to put this together for you. pretty simple forecast. it does include quite a bit of instability around the bay area. live doppler 7hd showing you the counterclockwise spin as the low sets up off the coast, and that's the big player in the next two or three days in terms of the forecast. the high sierra right now picking up isolated thunderstorms. south lake tahoe, moving in your direction, and blue canyon, but i want to show you the wide screen. here's the low, the counterclockwise spin, a little convection right there. and then check out the subtropical moisture feeding north toward our area, and as we get into tuesday and wednesday, all of this will slide a little closer to us. so that's why we have a chance of isolated thunderstorms in the forecast. we'll get to that in a moment. today
. >>> they have banned firefighters from using helmet cameras. one fire truck ran over and killed the 16-year-old passenger in the chaotic moments after the crash. the chief says it's an issue of firefighter and victim privacy. it has sparked a debate with firefighters across the country. >> the chief has to be sensitive about what they let their employees do because they can be liability. >>> they are now considering their next move in a contract dispute poot many commuters thought were settled. the union is representing 800 transit workers. the union workers include bus drivers, dispatchers and clerical workers. the vote is at 256 yes, and 576 no. >> a pretty strong no vote. >> what does that say. >> it means we want something better. >> are you willing to strike for it? >> i'm willing to do what the union does. >> they'll meet soon to review their options. >>> east bay commuters remember how ac transit helped thousands of people getting across the pay, there's still a threat of another bart shut down in october. bart and its union has not had any contract talks since a judge ordered a cool
scenes. critics say that restricting the use of helmet cameras shows a lack of transparency by the fire department. >> new this morning. double amputee runner, oscar pistorius has been formally indicted today in south africa on a premeditated murder charge in the valentine's day slaying of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. pistorius stood in the courtroom and wiped away tears. he also held hands with his brother and sister. the trial date is set for march 3rd of next year. >> extra police patrols will be out at san francisco schools this week to ensure student safety. the back-to-school traffic enforcement will focus on elementary schools throughout the city. paying attention to the 15 mile-per-hour speed zones. enforcement operations are scheduled to begin from 7 to 9 a-m. and again from 1:30 p-m until 3:30 p-m each day. >> stay with kron-4. your back-to -school station in the bay area. go to our facebook page to see some kron four anchors and reporters when they were kids. and -- we want to see your photos. send them to breaking-news at kron-4 dot com. we'll also be keeping tabs on bac
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11